Cost Of Valtrex

Valtrex (valacyclovir) is a medicine specially designed for the treatment of conditions that have been caused by the herpes virus. Your health care provider will monitor your condition and will probably need you to show up for regular appointments for your kidney function to be tested. Valtrex can harm your kidneys especially in combination with certain drugs, so make sure your health care provider is always aware of any drugs you are taking at the moment along with Valium. Older people are likely to experience worsened side effects of Valtrex. Make sure you talk to your health care provider about your personal risks when taking Valtrex to see how much you will benefit form the treatment. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids while taking Valtrex or your kidneys to work properly. Take each dose of Valtrex with a glass of water and measure the liquid form with the help of a special measuring device that will be provided with the medicine. If it hasn't been provided - ask your pharmacist for one to make sure you are taking the exact dose prescribed. Valtrex usually causes just a few mild side effects such as nausea, stuffy nose, dizziness, stomach pain, headache, joint pain, mild skin rash, and menstrual pain, so there is no need for you to be worried as long as the symptoms tend go away on their own.

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